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Rolex Submariner ref. 14060 circa 1995 Spider Dial

Rolex Submariner ref. 14060 circa 1995 Spider Dial

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Rolex Submariner ref. 14060 circa 1995 Spider Dial

This is the classic neo-vintage “2-liner” Submariner– but look closer– and this one has some extra sass going on with the dial.  It is a fine “spider” patina which gives the gloss finish a matte look.  Under a loupe, the pattern looks like a web.  Paired with the aging light cream colored marker make for quite the timepiece.  Best of two worlds are juxtaposed here: a traditional Submariner with unconventional details.

What we dig:

  • 40mm steel case with 20mm oyster bracelet is forever good
  • Very thick and sharp case– appears to be unpolished 
  • The tritium dial, handset, and pip will continue to finely age

What you should know:

  • Tritium lume is dead (does not glow–nor should it)
  • Will accommodate your wrist size
  • The “spidering” does not affect the structural integrity 
  • 3000 automatic caliber movement is running COSC specifications
  • Timegrapher data and videos available upon request


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