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Blog Post No. 32 - Addict Clothes x ButterScotch TRI Jacket. A First Ever Collaboration Leather Jacket

Blog Post No. 32 - Addict Clothes x ButterScotch TRI Jacket. A First Ever Collaboration Leather Jacket

When you can't find it, you build it.

That was the simple thought process and incarnation of the TRI jacket, Our first Ever Collaboration Leather with Addict Clothes Japan.

A bit about ADDICT Clothes Japan first off. Addict has been creating Leathers for a decade and has done everything to their own standard. Inspired by vintage British style and is known for creating pieces with Japanese skills. Just like made in america holds value ADDICT is proud of the hard work, dedication and mastering of the craft that has gone into every single style created. From their own leather tanning formulas, to custom hardware repurposed vintage inspiration to 30 plus styles, ADDICT is Made in Japan using Japanese Skills 

Ok so back to the Jacket, Why did we name it "TRI"

TRI meaning three was where the name comes from. I wanted three simple design and or construction elements to this jacket.

1. Cafe Collar

2. D-Pocket

3. Horse Hide

Now the list didn't just stop there but those were the 3 major components that set the TRI jacket apart from the pack. I myself in all my searching has never seen a cafe collared leather that featured a D-Pocket. With that said I reaching out to Satoshi of ADDICT to request we build this perfect combination of details, design, and production. 

ADDICT is the gold standard for fit, finish, and production quality when it comes to Japanese Leathers. Here at ButterScotch we love the european tailored fit to these classically inspired leathers so it was a no brainer to turn to ADDICT for the TRI jacket. 

The Shop has great success with the Double Riders jacket from Addict so we choose to use that fit as a base fit for the TRI and making our fitment changes and tweaks to it from there.

Working with Satoshi we collected a punch list of details that were incorporated into the final product that is the TRI Jacket. 

That punch list consisted of the following elements:

  • Low profile collar 
  • Double snap closure
  • Snap down lapels 
  • Brass hardware 
  • Ball chain pulls
  • Red quilted lining
  • Internal flask pocket 
  • Western back yolk details 
  • Tailored fit 
  • Hand warmer pocket
  • Slanted chest pocket 
  • Rotated sleeve zippers for a cleaner sleeve appeal 
  • Small chest lapels

Behind the design process we created a paper pattern with these above details and moves to a wool tailoring body here are some images of that process:


Tri Jacket Mock Up


Next was to select the perfect leather.

This wasn't too difficult since ADDICT'S original recipe for their horsehide is absolutely fantastic. Having the Double Riders Jacket in which uses 1.3mm Horsehide. It ages beautifully and breaks in like no other Horsehide I've ever seen. I say its "off the rack comfortable from day one" unlike no other 1.3mm leathers on the market. Now lets take a moment though to credit ADDICT since they have done all the leg work to create their very own leather used for the Horsehide and Sheep Variants. They have created their own tanning process to create and quote "horsehide that was soft and tactile" The leather was created tested, recreated and tested some more for the absolute best wearing and aging possible. This is no simple process and this sort of time and attention can be seen when you wear your very own ADDICT leather. the 1.3mm Horsehide wears and breaks in like no other leather. 


The Final Product

Leather has been selected, details have been ironed out, and the fit has been perfected. 9 months later we have our first ever sample and top of production and it's nothing less than extraordinary.  Introducing the TRI Jacket in the Living Flesh. 

All of the hard work, planning and waiting was well worth. 

The TRI Jacket is Available for Pre-Order now through the end of September 2020. All Jacket orders will deliver the end of JAN 2021. 

You can Pre-Orders yours here

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