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ADDICT Clothes

ButterScotch is beyond proud and excited to be the only Retailer in the United States to offer ADDICT Clothes. 
ADDICT Clothes is a Japan based collection of goods that focuses heavily on British inspiration. No surprise here, once I saw ADDICT for myself it was instant love. Having a love and passion for British styling myself, the simple clean esthetics with a hint of vintage inspiration was a perfect balance of new and old in the beautifully crafted final product that is ADDICT.
Setting it self apart in the shop, ADDICT uses Horse and Sheep leather options in soft supple finishes for that broken in  feel that would make you second guess if you are wearing someones already well loved jacket. No detail was overlooked in created this beautiful collection of leathers and I am proud to share ADDICT Clothes for all to enjoy and discover.  
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