ChainStitch Hemming

ButterScotch is happy to announce as of Summer '21 we now offer in house chain stitch hemming service on our very own Union Special 56300 machine. No more lengthy wait times to have your denim hemmed.
Need your denim hemmed? Bring them in! All denim is welcome.
Looking to pick up a new pair of raw? Awesome come by our brick and mortar located in Long Beach, CA and we'll get you fitted in to a new pair today with one of denim specialists and have your inseam modified to your desired length. 
We here at ButterScotch are very excited to offer this Chain Stitch hemming service in house at our Long Beach location to help keep the trade alive. We pride ourselves on offering you the very best customer service we can as well as a tailored experience every time you visit the shop. 
** Please note, if you are bringing in your denim for a hem, We do ask that your denim be freshly washed. We will have no choice but to refuse your denim if it is in an unclean state or covered in pet hair.**