Blog Post No. 34 - The LO-FI Trench Oxford

Blog Post No. 34 - The LO-FI Trench Oxford

The LO-FI Trench Oxford is our very first ever oxford.

Built in collaboration with Oak Street Bootmakers out of Chicago. We wanted to create a Oxford for those summer months when wearing a 6" or 8" boot shaft just simply will not do. Inspired by the Trench boot built on the elston last from OSB the Trench Oxford is basically just a low boy very of their Trench Boot. A style and fit we are very familiar with around here at ButterScotch.

LO-FI Trench Oxford

The Trench boot is one of our favorite silhouettes, since we've used it for 3 previous colabs, when deciding on an oxford or derby this was our first choice. Turning to OSB for some guidance since the Oxford / derby world is something a little new to us, we sat down to the drawing borard to hash out the details of what will ultimately be our LO-FI Trench Oxord. 

We wanted it to be sleek, yet sophisticated, easy to wear and comfortable for all day wear. Lastly since this was our first dip into this world we wanted to make this a pair of oxfords that were easy to wear dressed up or down. An Oxford that could pull double duty. 

With all this in mind the build details were to follow. 

The Trench elston last is intended for a more comfortable roomy toebox for all day wear and comfort. 1 part workwear / 1 part dress shoe the Trench silhouette was an easy pick for over all shape and design. 

Since this is the first time building an oxford, the obvious choice was black. These can go with just about any color and make them as timeless as can be, we landed on a smooth Horween Chromexcel leather upper for a clean, classic, sleek look that can always been polished up to a brilliant shine. Horween Chromexcel is known for its rugged wearability and also its luster when properly care for. 

(Shown here worn with the Naked & Famous Black Cobra Denim)
We choose a a dark espresso 360 storm welt to join the black Vibram christy wedge sole to the black Horween chromexcel upper for that balance of refined and rugged. The storm welt was selected so the LO-FI really can be worn all year in any conditions and personally I've always loved that added lip in the storm welt that really makes the transition of upper to lower seamless.

Matte black hardware was selected to keep this monochromatic build simple. 5 eyelets accompanied by your choice of flat waxed lace or rolled leather lace for two different looks.  

For traction we chose the Vibram Christy wedge sole in black for two reasons. This is a sole that has been loved by all and well its not a common sole used in a more dress silhouette.


Again since this was our first dance in the world of dress shoes and oxfords why not do it our way and make it a little rugged. The Vibram sole is still sleek and does not feel chunky at all under foot. Actually it feels more sturdy and substantial and really gives a great balance to the LO-FI that makes this a welcomed option in a sea of hard soles out there. Lastly the Vibram Wedge is known for its comfort, so it you were a boots or sneakers guy now you have a third option. the LO-FI gives you all the breathing room of a sneaker, the comfort of one and the build quality of your boots with a nice classy twist thanks to the Oxford silhouette. 

(shown here in a 2 years worn Nudie Lean Dean Japan Selvedge )

The LO-FI can be purchased online in shop while supplies last. 

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