Blog Post No. 37 - Addict Clothes Fall / Winter 2021

Blog Post No. 37 - Addict Clothes Fall / Winter 2021

Addict Clothes based out of Shinjuku, Japan a hub of Tokyo has once again returned to ButterScotch this fall holiday season with even more real estate on the shop floor and web store. But in all honesty the brand really never went anywhere.

Each season Addict Clothes has out done themselves time and time again with their every growing collection of absolute must have pieces. Addict started as a niche leather brand here at ButterScotch, Specializing in horsehide leathers and quickly grown to almost a full collection brand. 

Addict's knits are heirloom pieces that will quickly become some of your favorites in the rotation for good reason. the 2021 fall collection ranges from Henleys to thick constructed waffle knit layers, sweaters, overcoats and of course leathers. Each one of these items is heavily designed with thought and intention behind each piece and how they can be worn together. The knit collection is built to be worn upon itself. From heavy cotton tees, to 2nd layer waffle knits or sweaters to your final outwear layer ranging from a classic leather like the Double Riders or baja style BMC Jacket. 

The entire collection is thoughtfully designed, with fit and finish at the forefront as well as care and longevity to each piece.

Many of the pieces can be one alone of paired together for simple style and confidence that each item works effortlessly with one another without fuss or a clashing of fits. 


Sheep Skin BMC Jacket 

Addict BMC Jacket
Removable Wool Liner

Heavyweight Waffle Cardigan


Waffle Cardigan

Waffle Knit Detail

(Olive Green)


Cotton Knit Waffle Hoodie


Ink Blue

Cotton Ombre Flannel 

Addict Ombre

Heavyweight Hoodie + Horsehide Double Riders

Addict Clothes Horsehide Double Riders Jacket

All items available on here

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