Blog Post No. 5 - Nudie Pre-Fall 2017 LookBook

Blog Post No. 5 - Nudie Pre-Fall 2017 LookBook
I'm proud to present the first collection of Nudie in ButterScotch
A tight 6 pieces
Two tees
Two Wovens
Two core fits of denim that are staples in the BS bottoms lineup.
What's core mean? That means these two denim fits will never go away and you can always count on ButterScotch to stock these fits. 
Shot on location in beautiful Long Beach.
All pieces featured are intended #ForDailyUse 
Hope you enjoy half as much as it was to shoot and remember "Keep it Simple"

A staple in the Nudie offering the Jonis, is a 6.5oz washed Organic cotton denim top that starts as a raw indigo top that is washed, washed, and washed again for a knocked back almost bleached out look.

Nudie - Jonis Denim - ButterScotch

You'll see the Jonis is multiple variations throughout the year but I really loved this version with the contrast between the copper buttons and light washed denim fabric. 

The Jonis pairs really great with both indigo and black denim. 

Due the wash process on the Jonis this top runs one size smaller then normal Nudie Tops and is considered a Slim fit. Tommy is 6 foot, 180lbs and wearing a size medium

Great as a stand alone piece but also keeps a trim profile and stacks nicely under a leather or outerwear piece without bulk. 

Nudie Jonis / Left Field Commando Leather

LEFT: (on mobile bottom image)

Shirt -Jonis Denim Shirt (size Large)

Denim - Nudie Lean Dean Japan Selvedge.

Boot - 1892 by Thorogood Dodgeville boots.

Leather - Left Field NYC x Vanson Commando Leather

RIGHT:(on mobile top image)

Shirt Jonis Denim Woven,

Denim - Lean Dean Japan Selvedge

Boot - 1892 by Thorogood Dodgville

Hat - Dean the Butcher by Goorin in Whiskey

Glove - BS Short Round Glove in white dearskin.

the Sten. 

Nudie Sten Woven Sten  

A soft weave cotton fabric in a loose fit, this button up runs fuller in size and suggested to size down if you want a trim fit or go with your normal sizing if an oversize look is desired. Featuring in horizontal stripe that is comprised of indigo thread for a subtle blue stipe layout on the off-white base color fabric.

Woven: Sten (Size medium)

 Now on to the base layer.
Whats underneath that denim blouse?


The Glenn Tee 

Runs true to size in 100% Organic Fairtrade cotton. Ask anyone what may all time favorite combo kit is and it's this right here. Sucker for a grey tee and blue jeans! The Glen Tee takes the cake on this one. Simple soft and a slight canvas badge on wearers left bottom hem. Minimal branding and maxim comfort.

Available in Heather Grey and Black 


  Tee Glenn Black or Glenn Grey   



Lean Dean Japanese Selvedge 

**ButterScotch is a premium Nudie Stockist which means BS is one of the few shops in the Nudie roster whom are allowed to sell Nudie Selvedge making ButterScotch a west coast destination for said Selvedge options.

Lean Dean is the slimmest denim in the ButterScotch fit roster

Nudie Lean Dean Japan Selvedge - ButterScotch

 Boots - 1892 by Thorogood Beloit Boots in Natural CXL Leather. 

The Lean Dean is slim through the entire leg down to a narrow calf and leg opening. This fit is for the guy looking for something skinny from hip to ankle and wants that close to leg profile.
The 13.5oz proprietary Kaihara comfort selvedge denim offers a 2% stretch that allows the jean to move with you.
Break in is a breeze and the stretch is really great when you are moving and twisting every which way.
Denim is sourced from Italy and features an signature orange selvedge ticker. 
Nudie Lean Dean - Orange Ticker Selvedge  Lean Dean Back Pocket Details
The Lean Dean fit is part of the ButterScotch core denim offering and will continuously be
Fearless Freddie 
Nudie Fearless Freddie
Shot here in Dry Black and also offered in a Dry Indigo Selvedge
The Fearless Freddie fit is the second core fit in the BS Lineup from Nudie and this fit is for the guy looking for something with room in the seat and thigh but still wants it straight from the knee to the ankle. This is a slim tapered fit for a guy with slightly bigger thigh or slightly more athletic build. 
Nudie Fearless Freddie Back  
Freddie fit is also great for the guy looking for a fit they can wrap their legs around the tank with. Take my word for it.. Donna (aka the Ducati) has the biggest tank in the world and the Freddie fit hugs the tank like two long lost lovers embrace. 



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