Blog Post No. 1 - Behind The Shop

Blog Post No. 1 - Behind The Shop


Solely owned and operated, this has been a dream in the making my whole life. Thank you to all who supported me in chasing this dream.

ButterScotch is an up and coming men’s shop launching Summer 17. The shop is located at 509 Broadway in the East Arts Village of Long Beach, California.

Here’s a little about the shop:

ButterScotch is a mens shop that caters to all lifestyles. With a love for all things on two wheels, coffee, and clothing, I wanted to be able to bring my passions to share with all.

With a focus on service and quality, ButterScotch will offer an assortment of some of the finest mens brands for all walks of life. Whether you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle or drive the family station wagon, I want you looking good and feeling good when you make a purchase.

At the shop you will be able to find a hand picked assortment of tops, bottoms, accessories, riding gear, coffee and more. Each piece has its own purpose and story as to why its here in the shop.. No piece in the shop is "fluff" and there to fill the shelves.

All things sold at the shop are sold with the intent for every day use. Wear it, use it, make it your own! That’s half the fun!

Behind the name, BUTTERSCOTCH: 

I watched my father build things with his hands ever since I can remember. From classic cars, to literally building the walls of our home, to being a husband and father of 2 boys building the family around me. The man's talent to do it himself was one of the biggest influences on me as an adult.

Dad & 1

He instilled a work ethic and creativity that no fancy school or text book could teach.

One of dads favorite treats is mom's homemade ButterScotch pudding. I can remember watching him go to the fridge after dinner and grabbing the dessert. Excited as a little kid, grabbing spoons for everyone to enjoy the treat. As a hat tip to the old man, I chose ButterScotch as the name for my shop as not only a symbol of what hard work can build you but also as a thank you to my father for molding me in the person I am today by giving me the skills to build something myself. 

ButterScotch to me is a symbol of the reward of putting in hard work, the long hours and respecting where we came from.

Never forgot your roots.

Enjoy a ButterScotch "Treat" for all your hard work.


See you soon.

Tommy – Shop Owner

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