Blog Post No. 2 - The Launch of ButterScotch, Pop Up Event

Blog Post No. 2 - The Launch of ButterScotch, Pop Up Event

This past weekend ButterScotch had the privilege to host a pop up event within Commodity Coffee, a new and unique coffee space in Long Beach.

The crew over at Commodity were gracious enough to allow me to take over a small corner of their space for Saturday and Sunday to showcase some of the brands that will be carried at ButterScotch. 

With similar vibes, passions and esthetic, having the Pop-Up within Commodity was a perfect fit. The shop is a cool little space with community tables for working, great tasting coffee and treats with old Hondas throughout the space for the finishing touch. 

The showcase of ButterScotch was years of mental notes, details, and inspiration gathered in my career in the menswear industry. With that being said all the details were in place for what was a great first look and official launch of ButterScotch. 

It was really amazing to see familiar and new faces that came out to support this launch. Word of mouth and Instagram networking is a beautiful thing. I'm launching butterScotch as a place for like minded people to come enjoy and share the same passions. Whether its coming in for a coffee, grab some new gear or just stop by for a good chat, I look forward to ButterScotch being complimentary to all lifestyles.

As ButterScotch continues to grow into the skin of what will become a destination shop for all to come and enjoy in the East Arts Village of downtown Long Beach, CA offering brands such as Billykirk leather goods, Baxter of CA apothecary essentials, ButterScotch own brand basics and riding gear, 1892 by Thorogood boots, Nudie, Left Field NYC, Richer Poorer socks and undies, Fellow Coffee products, Mission Workshop, Vanson Leathers, Goorin Brothers hats, with more to come as the shop grows and expands. 

To say I'm grateful to all of those who came out would be an understatement. I greatly appreciate all of those who came to get a first look at what ButterScotch will be.

If you happened to miss the first pop-up event there is another event being hosted June 17th & 18th at Commodity. That Sunday Commodity will also be featuring a classic car and bike event in the parking lot starting at 10am. All bikes welcome!

ButterScotch PopUp Event Flyer w/ Commodity Coffee

Commodity Coffee: 1322 Coronado Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804

Big Thank you the following for capturing some great candid moments of the pop up:

Sterling Reed(  

John Kingston(@kingstonphoto)

Mychael "Cookie" Henry(@cookwilltravel)

Vanson Leathers

Billykirk Leather Goods

Tommy  - Shop Owner

Nudie Denim Featured at ButterScotch

Goorin Brothers - Dean the Butcher Janesville & Dodgeville Boots By Thorogood


Nexx Helmets - G.100

Lean Dean selvedge

Alms NYC & ButterScotch Short Round Glove

LeftField NYC Tees


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