Blog Post No. 11 - orSlow Spring 2018

Blog Post No. 11 - orSlow Spring 2018
Spring 2018 brings in the first delivery of orSlow.
Japan based, orSlow crafts their garments with consideration at the forefront.
Constructed from locally sourced materials and only made with the best fabrics, orSlow is known for taking inspiration from vintage workwear with a signature in the world of denim. 
Keeping it simple, clean, and classic orSlow fits in and stands out in ButterScotch at the same time. orSlow is the only collection in the shop to feature rinsed denim, lightweight fatigues and traditional workwear silhouettes. 
Chinos, shirting, type 3 jackets army inspired layers and of course DENIM all work together to compliment other collections within your everyday closet. 
Enjoy the first of many to come, orSlow spring 2018. 

60's Denim Jacket

60's Type 3 Denim Jacket


Chambray Workshirt

White Workshirt

6 Pocket Ripstop Cargo Pant

6 Pocket Ripstop Cargo Pant

6 pocket cargo detail


Army Tropical Coat

Tropical Army Coat


107 Slim Fit - One Year Wash

107 Slim fit - One Year Wash

105 Straight Fit - One Year Wash

105 Straight Fit

105 Rear Patch

Button Fly

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