Blog Post No. 12 - RoughChild Moto

Blog Post No. 12 - RoughChild Moto
Located in Southern California, Roughchild specializes in the sympathetic restoration and creative reinvention of BMW motorcycles. 
Dedicated to the passionate study and preservation of the world’s most respected motorcycles, optimizing their aesthetic appeal with a fresh perspective and modern techniques.

It begins with an idea: 

What do you want to ride? 
From there, Roughchild can build a beautifully restored BMW motorcycle to the exact specs of the riders request.
Since 2012 the focus and obsession, has been the development of a meticulously restored and creatively optimized air-cooled BMW.

The Objective:

to distill, disassemble and recombine the strands of greatness that have long marked the "Airhead" as an Icon in the BMW Motorrad history.
ButterScotch has the extreme pleasure of partnering with Roughchild to showcase and retail these builds in-store and online. Each bike is unique and one off. 
Keep in mind Roughchild can build a bike to any request,
Email or call for additional info.
+1 (562) 432-9196

+1 (310) 254-6027


1977 BMW R100
(fully rebuilt)
Odometer 45,000


$600 Delivery Nationwide 
New: Tires, electrical, battery, upholstery, motogadget mini gauge, Renthal bars, fresh powder coat, custom paint and hand pin-striping, Y.S.S Racing Suspension, custom heat wrapped header pipes, and rebuilt top end. 
"Blanca" is currently located at ButterScotch LBC
509 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA. 90802
All photos shot by Sterling Reed. 

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