Blog Post No. 14 - Nudie green_ capsule

Blog Post No. 14 - Nudie green_ capsule
ButterScotch is honored to be a part of the select retailers chosen to show case the green_ capsule from Nudie Jeans. 
The green_ capsule is a culmination of 18 years of Nudie ideology: ethical production and sourcing, organic and recycled fabrics, social responsibility all rolled into a play on on their  favorite color--GREEN
design details in the green_ capsule include Green embo, green acrylic coatings, and our notorious "peaceful" Swedish camo.
Nudie Jeans has always tried to do their part on protecting mother earth and we appreciate them for it.
Below are the highlighted pieces we have to feature at ButterScotch. 

Paul Swedish Camo Jacket  Paul Camo Detail

Paul Swedish Camo Jacket


Samuel Sweatshirt 

Samuel Sweatshirt

Side badge



Lean Dean - Dry Green

Lean Dean Dry Green

Lean Dean - Dry

Daniel Green Tee

daniel green tee

daniel tee



All green_ capsule items are available HERE
All photos shot by Sterling Reed

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