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Blog Post No. 15 - Eat Dust Summer 2019

Blog Post No. 15 - Eat Dust Summer 2019
Eat Dust is back, well to be honest they never left, but they are dropping some serious heat for their Summer 2019 collection and its everything you can want and more.
Fun washed Tees, simple wovens, knits, summer camo prints, mid-weight outerwear, and as always to be expected incredible fabrics/textures and details at every turn. Eat Dust covers every layer, first layer, second and third. No matter what your summer has in store for you something in the Summer 19 collection will peek your fancy. 
Here's a quick showcase of the new items in store and online from Eat Dust. 

Eastwood Woven

Eat Dust - Eastwood Woven

"Eat My Dust" Hoodie


JC 673 Summer Camo

673 JC Camo

"Bee Dust" Crewneck Sweatshirt


Alaska Woven 


Cactus Tee

673 Waxed Jacket 



Also dropping in the Summer 2019 Eat Dust Collection are the following:

BaseBall Tee

Waffle Knits Thermals 

Combat Shirt - Faded Flowers

All photos shot by Sterling Reed

All items are available for purchase here while supplies last. 

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