Blog Post No. 16 - Rolling Dub Trio

Blog Post No. 16 - Rolling Dub Trio

"The Boots on Sincerity"

This slogan is on every box of Rolling Dub Trio boots and before we dig in to who Rolling Dub Trio is and where they come from lets breakdown that phrase real quick to understand it and what it means to a company who makes art like quality footwear.

I think we all know what a Boot is and how it or pairs can come in all different forms but the key word in this phrase is the word "Sincerity." 

Heres the actual meaning of the word:


noun: sincerity
the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.
Synonyms: honestygenuinenesstruthfulnessgood faith, lack of deceit, integrityprobitytrustworthiness.

Honesty, genuine, integrity, trustworthy, now those are all words I want to see when I'm investing my dollars into a product. Investing not only as a consumer but as a shop owner, seeking the best of the best out there for ButterScotch and our customers. A big portion of the job here at ButterScotch is bringing in product that is a unique and distinctive item you can add to you wardrobe that is a "life time piece." Some times we call them investment pieces because it is an item or items we invest in for the long haul, and it goes back to the saying quality over quantity. I look at Rolling Dub Trio as one of the brands in the closet that are life time pieces and are only going to get better with age and wear.

Rolling Dub Trio is based in Tokyo, Japan and started in 2007 with the concept  "If there is no ingenuity devised to people who wear shoes, wonderful shoes will not be born"
RDT is committed to building classic American style boots with a refined edge and polish you just don't see anymore (or at least in my searches) 

Using old ways of manufacturing and sourcing classic materials used of years past to achieve their distinctive style and quality in the final product. 
ButterScotch has the extreme honor and pleasure to work with Rolling Dub Trio now for two seasons and is the only Retailer of RDT boots here in the USA. 
Firstly bringing in the CASPER boot which heavy duty but yet sleek side zip boot that is constructed in a single piece of USA sourced Horween leather and sits upon a cork crepe sole with a Cat's Paw Heel. 
Before discussing Cat's Paw heels lets identify a boot that uses a single piece of leather to create its shape and silhouette. This is no easy task and done by hand in a process called "clipping." It is a process that gives the CASPER boot its beautiful shape and modern take on a mix up between a clean engineer boot and classic zip up chelsea boot. The CASPER is a great option for those of you who wear slim denim but still want a classic looking boot that will fit into the shaft of your pant leg.
Reinforced Toe Strip
Cat's Paw heel Technology was an American company that started in 1904 as Cat's Paw Rubber Co, and was subsequently sold and absorbed by the Vibram sole company into the late 1970's. As many sole brands guarantee a no slip sole the Cat's Paw heel was most recognizable for the two white dots in the heel that protruded from the heel from the wearers weight putting more contact on to the ground and ensuring more grip. Pretty smart and also really cool esthetically. This sole is very notifiable with lots of intricate details. Just one of the many reasons we fell in love with Rolling Dub Trios attention to detail and ability to use old ideas with new ideas.
The cork crepe sole brings all day comfort for those of you who are looking for a boot you car wear all day and the leather foot bed will mold over time to your arch and provide you support. Other details featured on the CASPER boot is heavy duty brass side zip that would make the heaviest of jackets jealous of its quality. Reinforced toe, goodyear welt construction which means yes these boots can be re-soled, fully leather lined and rear heel pull tab for easy on and off. 

The CASPER boot is featured in an Oil Black Horween Leather and is Available on our WebStore while inventory last. $650 Rolling Dub Trio CASPER Boot.  
Rolling Dub Trio STAN Boot 
Secondly was our custom STAN boot that was created exclusively for ButterScotch in the 2019 summer season in a beige side gore suede.
The STAN is a silhouette that exists within the Rolling Dub Trio roster but the beige side gore was a color option not offered within the 2019 offering. This is a boot I personally looked for for myself for years. After searching and searching and finding chelsea boots that were either too pointy or the elastic side gusset was too large the hunt turned up end zero results. I knew we would have to make them and then they would be perfect. Turning to Rolling Dub Trio we asked if we could create the perfect combination of refined suede and rugged construction to the STAN style for a perfect round toe Chelsea that would be nearly indestructible.
We were thrilled when Rolling Dub Trio agreed and allowed us to build this co-lab boot.  
The STAN features many of the same bench mark details you would find in any RDT boots.
Goodyear Welting, fully leather lined, rear heel RDT pull tabs, Cat's Paw heel construction, cork crepe sole, reinforced metal toe strip. 
Rolling Dub Trio x ButterScotch STAN boot
The STAN has a great rounded toe box profile that isn't easy to find in the chelsea boot market. The toe profile was a key factor to why we chose the STAN to go with for this co-lab. All Rolling Dub Trio boots are standard D width. The Stan is rugged yet refined and looks great with all fits of denim. From slim fit to a straight leg the STAN boot looks great and accommodates most feet. 
STAN boot Slim Leg Profile Denim
Top down view of the rounded Toe Box on the STAN boot. 
Rounded Toe Box on the STAN boot
Sole and Toe plate
The Rolling Dub Trio x ButterScotch STAN Beige Side Gore boot is available online now in limited sizes. We have talked with Rolling Dub Trio and we are not able to restock this special makeup boot until Spring 2020 so grab yours now online or in store. $550 Rolling Dub Trio x ButterScotch STAN Boot.


Now this important. We have found that Rolling Dub Trio runs big.
I know what you are thinking and you would think it would be the opposite and RDT would run smaller since this is a made in Japan boot. In our research both the STAN and CASPER boot runs 1.5 big from your regular sneaker size. IE a Vans, Nike, or PF Flyer Size.
Most of our customers have sized down the STAN boot by 1.5 and we have seen a number of our customers size down the CASPER boot 1.5  to 2.0 full sizes down. Now this very much depends on the build of your foot. If you have a narrow heel or slender foot. Go down 2 full sizes in the CASPER boot. The CASPER boot is a bit more roomy and has lots of volume in the toe and arch. One thing to note the arch and the foot opening can be a bit narrow on the CASPER boot, this will break in and it will take a week or so to break-in to your foot / ankle. When I put on my CASPER boot for the first time it was VERY snug on my left ankle and almost too tight but after a few days of wear it was a simple and easy process to put on and take off. If you have a higher arch or wider foot we would suggest only sizing down 1.5 In the Casper boot. As for the STAN boot we recommend only sizing down 1.5 in this style. The Fully leather lined boot will heat up and mold to your ankle, arch and toe-box giving you all day comfort once the 2-3 day break-in phase is complete. The elastic side gussets have stretch paired with the rear heel pull tab making the putting on and taking off process an ease. The STAN does have a bit of a narrow ankle which is nice so it will accommodate both a narrow foot or wider foot (break in required)
Both boots are exceptionally made in Japan and provide all day comfort with style for miles. I hope you enjoyed the informative dive into our newest and exclusive boot brand here at ButterScotch.
Please enjoy Rolling Dub Trio.

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