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Blog Post No. 17 - Golden Bear x ButterScotch - the 'Anderson Cafe'

Blog Post No. 17 - Golden Bear x ButterScotch - the 'Anderson Cafe'
Blog Post No. 17 with a bullet and also one of my favorite numbers!
I guess it was just meant to be this way as this has been one of my most favorite projects to date and also my favorite number for the blog post. Some would say it was planned... but it wasn't.

I'm super excited to unveil to you the newest leather jacket project the Anderson Horsehide Cafe built in collaboration with Golden Bear Sportswear
This project has been in the works well over a year with the masters of production over at Golden Bear and its finally time to share with you all the fruits of our labors. 

The Anderson horsehide Cafe jacket is built to be a forever piece in a limited quantity of just 10 pieces.
Each detail on this jacket was hand selected from the Horween Tanned espresso brown leather to the metal trims like zippers, snap, pulls etc. The lining, the body fill weight and even the pocket bags were hand selected by myself to create the ultimate brown leather jacket. We legit picked out the warmest of warm and cozy flannel for the pocket bags. You are welcome. 

I'll keep this part short and sweet as this is more of a photo editorial to highlight the incredibleness that is the Anderson Cafe Jacket. 
Jackets will be available for pre-order September 6th, 2019.
any available units will be in store September 13th, 2019
I hope you enjoy it.
Cheers, -Tommy 
Anderson Cafe 14
Anderson Cafe 1
Anderson Cafe 2Anderson Cafe 3
Anderson Cafe 5
Anderson Cafe 8
Anderson Cafe 15
Anderson Cafe 9
Anderson Cafe 9
Anderson Cafe 10
Anderson Cafe 12
Anderson Cafe 15Anderson Cafe 11


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