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Blog Post No. 23 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 4: EICMA

Welcome to the biggest Motorcycle show in the World.

Episode 4 of A Bavarian Soulstory takes us to Milan, Italy where we meet up with Justin Benson who was the lucky cat to get to ride the R18/2 which is the second concept bike of the R18 series. Justin meets up with us outside of the EICMA event and we let him do some of the heavy lifting for the day as we explore the show and all that the BMW Motorrad booth had to offer. From bikes on display, VR, race simulators and meeting up with some old friends along the way.

I also got to be a guest presenter on an R18 panel(since I'm only 1 or 4 people who have ridden this bike) where we talked about the bike and answered some of the publics questions along the way. 

EICMA was a fun time and a really great experience for someone who has always followed along with the show from afar aka on the other side of the world. I have to say it was fun to get to be apart of the show and many thanks to the BMW Motorrad global team for allowing me to be guest of the show and panel. 

Without further delay here is Episode 4.