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Blog Post No. 22 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 3: Kids in a Candy Store

Blog Post No. 22 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 3: Kids in a Candy Store

Episode 3 of A Bavarian Soul Story takes us stateside to the Barber Vintage Museum in Birmingham Alabama for the Barber Vintage 2019. If you are a bike lover or even a bike appreciator I strongly urge you to stop by the Barber Vintage Museum in Alabama. It is home to over 1600 motorcycles that are part of a singly owned private collection. No favoritism is shown at Barber and all makes, models, style and years can be found inside the hallowed walls and in the surrounding fields during the Barber Vintage show that last over a 3 day stretch. 

The Museum is open all year long and is open to the public. The Barber Vintage show is now in its roughly 16th year and still going strong.

Myself and the Motorrad team were here to showcase the R18 Concept for the first time to the US public. We brought the Germans over to the US to attend the show and see firsthand the Barber Vintage show. This is basically a one stop shop from the incredible bike museum, to the swap meet fair, track racing and 20,000 bikes that accumulate in the park grounds for different showcases and enjoyment. We also hosted a panel at Barber Vintage to share more info on the R18 concept as well as a Q & A with the public about the bike. I take you guys throughout my days with the Motorrad crew talking shop, exploring the museum, sharing stories, talking with the general public and meeting some really great people along the way. Myself Edgar, Roland met up with Nate Kern, Peter Nettersheim, and infamous bike builder Dirk of Kingston Customs. Shoutout to my boy Jared of Brother Moto out of Atlanta for his guest cameo. 

If you love golf carts, motorcycles, Hawaiian shirts, 100 degree heat, and good times then you'll love this next episode. 






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