Blog Post No. 26 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 7: The design process of the R 18

Blog Post No. 26 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 7: The design process of the R 18

We're Back with another episode of A Bavarian Soulstory.

This time in episode 7 we meet with Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design, and the rest of the design team to discuss the molding and shaping and over all design of the R18 and we dig down to the smallest of details. 

This was a very special episode as we go into the top secret design studio of BMW Motorrad.

A place never seen before on Camera. Motorrad has never before granted a camera crew access to this very special building on campus. We have a limited but full access to this Vault that is where the magic happens.

Edgar walks us through the top secret location, only after they lock our phones into a black box and give us all a full pat down and camera check to ensure no secrets are taken with us.

We got to see things we are not allowed to talk about but just know this lab of motorcycles has TONS of secrets to come for the years that follow. Part garage, part design studio, and part picnic area the overall vibe in here was overflowing with creativity and excitement. 

Getting to sit down with Edgar for my one on one was a fantastic experience. I was a bit nervous to talk and interview the head of design but i had a light buld moment within the first moments of the interview when i realized we are all the same. Bike riders with a passion for the process and experience. Off camera Edgar started talking about personal bikes and pulling up photos on his phone and we instantly started nerding out and sharing personal stories about our own bikes. 

Since this episode was very much a top secret mission we were not allowed any BTS stills or images so I'll leave the reveals to the episode so with out further delay here is our extended look at the magic makers that is the design team of Motorrad.


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