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Blog Post No. 27 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 8 - Individualization options for the R 18

Blog Post No. 27 - BMW Motorrad - A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 8 - Individualization options for the R 18

Annnnnnnnnd we're back with A Bavarian Soulstory and we are bringing it back to SoCal.

In episode 8 we find ourselves here in SoCal and in the states talking to shops like Roland Sands Design, Mustang Seats, and Vance & Hines Exhausts.

These shops are all key players in the Individualization of what the R 18 will be once it hits the market.

Individualization will be the KEY after market parts and accessories that will be offered for the R18. Sure, most all bikes have these options to customize your bike but there are a few reasons why this is such a big deal for not only the R18 production bike and BMW but what this means to the end consumer as well. 

1. All parts will meet DOT and Euro regulations giving you 100% bolt on compliance globally. Meaning BMW Motorrad has done all of the leg work and had almost 1000 different part options tested, retested and approved for road capability. Why is this such a big you might ask? Globally, modifying bikes is actually much much much harder then it is in the USA. Take Germany for example, you can hardly change your levers without getting a fine or slap on the wrist from their Version of the Department of Transportation. We take for granted how much we can do to our bikes in the US without much pushback. Motorrad and the rest of the aftermarket parts production partners for the R18 have assured all parts are compliant and legally approved to be bolted up in a simple weekend.

2. These options are going to be available at lunch and are BMW branded after market options. Which means they have the BMW logo and seal of approval on them. Motorrad knows a thing or tow about german efficiency so they went to the best of the best here in the US to partner with those who know a thing or two about aftermarket parts and are having them produce unique parts that will be available to make the R18 a fully customizable bike that will be as unique as the rider. 

The amount of thought and detail that went into this segment is also important. My interview with Roland Sands really hits upon how big of an idea the R18 is to BMW that not only was the bike and its heritage important to capture but they looked at the long game here entering the cruiser segment and this is just the beginning for Motorrad.  

The bike,

The details 

The aftermarket category

You wont have to wait months to make this bike your own, you'll be able to go right up to the parts counter at day of purchase and snag a whole bunch of goodies to transform the R18 into your own, 

Wheels, levers, bars, seats, begs, casing covers, you name it all branded back to and approved tested and green lite by BMW so you know the quality and craftsmanship is there. 


I personally can not wait to see the variety and style of each bike people are going to put together themselves and that is also a KEY component to why the R18 is such an important step for Motorrad. The experience is the same but also different person. Yes we all know that feeling of starting the bike up and take off for that ride. But the difference is unique person, the jacket we wear to the boots, to the bars we have on our bike to the paint, levers, etc etc etc. We, ourselves make it unique and BMW recognizes that and the importance it is to give us that option and ability to take a mass created bike then to tweak it and mold it into our own. That shows the dedication, passion and ultimately the care Motorrad has for their riders and helping them create a machine thats going to keep us grining ear to ear every time we see it, ride it, or fill it up for gas. 

Without much more here is Episode 8, clocking in just at half hour long jam packed full of a ton of really awesome stuff. 

I Hope you enjoy!



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