Blog Post No. 4 - ButterScotch x Left Field NYC 'LB Crew Jacket'

Blog Post No. 4 - ButterScotch x Left Field NYC 'LB Crew Jacket'

The ButterScotch x Left Field NYC 'LB Crew Jacket' was a brain child of mine for some time and is the first collaboration for ButterScotch. 

In late May 2017, I hoped on a call with Christian, the owner and designer of Left Field NYC and I pitched the idea to him to be able to use one of his existing styles from the LF line with a slight variation, making it exclusive to ButterScotch. After that call we were off and running with some solid notes.


I may or may not have a slight obsession with outwear and jackets. Living out in SoCal I very much tend to layer up in the mornings and evenings I've turned into somewhat of a freeze baby. The LB Crew Jacket was something intended for a couple reasons.

Mornings are always a bit cooler then the afternoons heat up and but as soon as the sun sets in the west it turns back into jacket weather again. Cool crisp air usually has a little bite to it and LBC nights are perfect for good medium weight jacket. Additionally out in SoCal we get this month long stretch of something called "June Gloom" where the sun takes its sweet time coming out from behind the clouds and really doesn't start showing till 11, noon, or even 1pm some days throughout the month of June.

With that being said the 'LB Crew Jacket' was born out of not only an awesome piece but necessity to fight off the cooler temps.



With the thumbs up from the boys over at Left Field we were off and running to deliver the 'LB Crew Jacket' for June.

Designed and produced as an exclusive limited run for ButterScotch, this medium weight jacket merges my love for bomber-esk style and classic souvenir jackets. With simple style, with a touch of athletic vibes making it a really well rounded piece. 

East meets west in the combination of two coasts in to a single exclusive piece. Perfect for those chilly mornings or when the sun sets yet built strong enough for Fall in NYC. Each jacket is produced by hand and finished with the custom "ButterScotch LBC" chain stitching on the front left breast. Wear it as a badge of honor for all that ButterScotch stands for, and even more awesome is not only this a hand made in the US piece but also part of an extremely limited production run. Once these pieces sell out you wont be seeing them again.

These jackets are a one-of-kind and part of an exclusive limited run for ButterScotch.

Get them while supplies last. 







Big thanks to Left Field NYC for helping build this amazing piece for ButterScotch. 


  • Heavy nylon satin fabric
  • Double needle topstitch for reinforced seems
  • ykk Brass zipper
  • Heavy 2x1 athletic stripe rib
  • Made in Ridgewood, Queens
  • Interior diamond stich quilting 
  • Medium fill for a less bulky fit
  • Classic cut, Slightly Fuller in the chest and sleeves
  • Hand done "ButterScotch LBC" Chain stitch logo


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