Blog Post No. 42 - 'Muscle Car Cowboy' - WYTHE N.Y.C Fall/Winter 23 Lookbook

Blog Post No. 42 - 'Muscle Car Cowboy' - WYTHE N.Y.C Fall/Winter 23 Lookbook

With the introduction of WYTHE N.Y.C for the Fall 2023 season to the ButterScotch roster I wanted to give the brand a proper introduction.

Created by Peter Middleton, Wythe was built in the search for icons of the past — the perfect oxford shirt, an authentic denim pearl snap, the grey sweatshirt worn to perfection. These were all things that could be found in any shopping mall, but the soul of the garment had been ripped out. With Wythe they wanted the oxford shirts that Miles Davis wore, the denim pearl snaps that James Dean wore, and the sweatshirts that Paul Newman wore. All icons we know and love for their prfectly simple and Timeless iconic fashion. 

This dream of a lost Americana became Wythe. The bygone heirlooms of the past, remade to fit well and last long enough to be passed down to the next generation of dreamers.

Due to the western Influence of WYTHE, clearly a play on cowboys is an easy target, but we wanted to give it the proper ButterScotch twist for a brand that pulls from icons of the past to recreate and or reintroduce them to a whole new audience base. Digging into my own past times and my appreciation of westerns, horses, pony cars, and menswear classics. I thought it could be fun to theme this lookbook as a 21st century cowboy with his trusty steed and a whole slew of looks to play the part.

I give you the ButterScotch WYTHE Fall 2023 Look Book entitled:

The Tubular Pocket Tee

Addict Engineer Boots
Tube Pocket Tee

Tube Pocket Tee in White
Pocket Tee and Leather Jacket
Pocket Tee With Sunset in the background

The Logger Plaid

WYTHE Logger Plaid in a field

Logger Plaid with 66 Chevelle in the background

Back Photo of a coming soon Hauser Waxed Jacket


The Pearl Snap Moleskin Shirt 

Elbow Details of the Shirt

Rouge River Flannel

Rouge River Flannel Exiting a Muscle Car

Unbutton Flannel looking into the trunk of a car


Pearl Snap Washed Indigo 

Buttoning Up Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt paired with Fine Creek Leather Jacket

Two Pocket Ranch Jacket

Two Pocket Ranch Jacket Standing next to a muscle car


Car silhouette at dusk

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