Blog Post No. 43 - Rolling Dub Trio - March (Early) 2023 Pre-Order Window Updated Deliveries

Blog Post No. 43 - Rolling Dub Trio - March (Early) 2023 Pre-Order Window Updated Deliveries

In today's world, instant gratification is no stranger to our day to day life. We can get food dropped off to our house in under 15 minutes with the push of a button or online shopping have same day delivery on items, It's wild times to say the least. 

I understand waiting is not the common practice in todays day and age, but also nor are things that are made well anymore, to be frank.

Before ButterScotch I watched the change in the market many years ago and I couldn't sign up for the direction it was moving. I set out to try to do my part in combating the fast paced, fast fashion, down, cheap, and dirty industry that is the "Fashion" world by working with brands that take pride in hand made, quality items that are built to serve a purpose and last. With that said I need to address that those types of things take time to produce, often by hand, by skilled craftsmen that take years alone to harness the craft by learning a trade. A trade that unfortunately is slowly disappearing. Boot making, leather tanning, cutting, sewing and a slew or other hands on skills are going by the way side. 

With that said I'm here to address delivery dates for Pre-Ordered Rolling Dub Trio Styles that were placed back in March 2023. I'm calling this "Early 2023 Pre-Orders" Additionally I'd like to note that this update does not apply to those who pre-ordered during our November (late) 2023 pre-order window. Those styles will come later in 2024 and a separate update will give you expect delivery dates. 

ButterScotch currently has two rounds of pre-order production that is still outstanding and in the process of being made by Rolling Dub in Japan.

We understand it can be a bit confusing and also even a little frustrating waiting for your items to to be completed and ready to ship. We here at Butterscotch are in the same boat as you the customer is waiting for product to complete. Many of these styles we also place our own shop stock orders against and we have to wait just like you to receive stock to sell in season. we are all in this together and we have to remember good quality hand made items take time to produce.

As of right now Rolling Dub Trio wait time for orders to complete is about 12 months (this is a general statement some styles are plus or minus time based on other circumstance.) Ourselves and RDT understands this is not ideal but this is the current state of things due to many factors in the production chain. We do our best to stay on top of these delivery windows but ultimately we have to be patient for the orders to be completed. 

If you ordered your boots during the March 2023 pre-order window here is an outline for estimated deliveries by style and color for all styles that were pre-ordered during this early 2023 Pre-order window. 


If you head over to the COMING SOON section you will see a list of all RDT styles ButterScotch will be receiving shop stock against that will be available for first come first served customers. This stock can not be reserved for this hoping to secure a size before stock comes available. We highly suggest you take a look at the sizing notes ans sign up for a re-stock notification on the size that best works for you. You will be instantly notified as soon as we upload inventory when the production order lands. 

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