Craighill - Coachwhip Carabiner

Sale price$44.00

Color: Vapor Brass
Introducing the Coachwhip Carabiner: a sleek and secure home for your keys and everyday essentials, inspired by the classic design. Named after the Coachwhip snake for its unique S-shaped curve, this carabiner is crafted from sturdy stainless steel with precision CNC-milling. The springy wire gates are also made from stainless steel, making it easy to hook onto your belt loops while preventing any accidental slips. Plus, the Coachwhip's frame has a slim bottom, allowing you to easily attach and detach keys without needing an extra ring. Stylish and effortlessly cool, the Coachwhip Carabiner is your trusty accessory for any adventure.



  • 2.4" x 1.6" x 0.43"

  • .8 oz

  • Available in Stainless Steel or PVD Black or Brass coated Stainless Steel