Fine Creek Leathers - Richmond

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FINE CREEK LEATHERS-Richmond in Black horsehide

Made using carefully selected horsehide, the new "FINE CREEK LEATHERS" (Fine Creek Leather) Richmond (Richmond)
leather, 1.2mm thick horsehide Full vegetable tannin tanned with aniline finish.
Leather with moderate hardness and oiliness makes it a horsehide that fits easily into your body.
The lining is made of thick plain weave fabric made of 100% cotton.
For sewing, spun yarn is used to ensure durability.
The accessory uses a plain donut button.
The back buckle on the back is also designed to avoid damaging the leather.
We are particular about the cutting of leather and, like vintage workwear, we sew the leather vertically using the shoulders and the leather horizontally for the body, making it a natural puckering sewing specification.
The feeling of size, while dropping the details of the workwear of the past, reconsidered the feeling of size, making it a refreshing silhouette that was modern.
If you wear it, wrinkles will be deep and clear wrinkles will come out, so you can enjoy sharp aging.
Because it will be a leather jacket that you can feel the comfort of wearing and the pleasure of wearing it, I hope you will enjoy the fineness of "FINE CREEK LEATHERS" leather.

Photo #2 is jacket with 6 months of wear. 


"36" Shoulder width 40cm Width 48cm Length 58.5cm Sleeve length (above shoulder) 62cm

"38" Shoulder width 41cm Width 50cm Length 60cm Sleeve length (over shoulder) 


"40" Shoulder width 43cm Width 52.5cm Length 62cm Sleeve length (over shoulder) 64cm

"42" Shoulder 45cm Width 55cm Length 64cm Sleeve (over the shoulders) 65cm