Mission Workshop - Arkiv - R6 40L - Waxed Tan

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The Arkiv R6 is in my opinion, the most versatile and simple bag in the Mission Workshop line up. It allows for the secure and simple attachment of weatherproof accessories to the exterior of the bag(sold separately). The Arkiv bag is the foundation of a bag that can grow if you need it to. If you need additional storage it can be added.. at 40 liter capacity this bag can hold just about everything plus the kitchen sink. Even when the bag is fully loaded it distributes weight evenly across the back and shoulders with 4 fully adjustable points.

Let me explain the rail system of this bag by breaking down the name ""R6""

R = Rail

6 = the number of rails on the bag. 

The R6 features 2 rails on left, right, and center of the bag to total 6 rails. These railea are where additional MW accessories can be added for storage expansion (sold separately) 

The pack can be used in either ""roll-top"" mode, or in a traditional ""flap-down"" configuration. It has one external zippered pocket for items like a phone or camera, and one interior zippered pocket that is ideal for documents and fits up to a 15'' laptop and notebooks.

The Arkiv pack features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated YKK zippers, and an internal frame sheet to maintain rigidity while disbursing weight evenly.

All Arkiv bags and accessories are completely weatherproof, made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. That's pretty metal if you ask me!



We are honored to have Mission Workshop at ButterScotch. As part of MW's online sales restrictions MW bags and apparel can not be added to cart via online check. but wait... you can still purchase bags and apparel over the phone or by email!

Please email Tommy@butterscotchlb.com if you would like to purchase one of these awesome pieces from Mission Workshop. 

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