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ROLLING DUB TRIO has been developing this new backpack for many years.
It is designed for daily use, while still having the capacity to securely hold all your belongings.

▶︎millicloth. The ultra-high-density knitting process has achieved amazing water repellency.
The most distinctive feature of the BackPack is the body made of Bentyl Millicloth.
What is Bentyl Millicloth?
It is a special fabric made of nylon and polyester knitted at a factory in Japan to create a super high-density knitted fabric.
It was originally used by the Italian military to protect airline pilots from the cold.
The fabric is so dense that water particles cannot pass through it.
In addition to the original water repellency of nylon, the breathability of Ventil is added.

▶︎ Special Italian horsehide leather finished in Japan.
The belt, bottom, zipper top, and many other places.
The belt, bottom, zipper top, etc. are made of luxurious 2.8mm thick HORSEBUTT LEATHER #1010 (horse butt leather), which is well-known in ROLLING DUB TRIO boots (ROOTS, SHIREES, etc.).
Like the boots, you can also enjoy the aging process of the leather.

▶︎The PVC material is eliminated and original brass parts are used.
The buckles, snap buttons, cord stoppers, and other fastening parts are made of brass (darning) with a heavy finish.
It is made with the original RDT logo.

▶︎ Large pockets for ease of use
One pocket on the top panel cover. Two vertical pockets on the body.
Two with cord stoppers on both sides of the body.
One pocket is large enough to hold a 500ml PET bottle or a folded umbrella. Inside, an L-shaped pocket on the back side can hold a laptop computer up to 13 inches.
It can also hold various accessories such as a charger, keyboard, and mouse.

▶︎Compartment capacity from daily use to trip
The normal height of the bag is 47cm, but when packed to the max, it can hold up to 56cm, making it suitable for short trips.

▶︎Ageing changes that can be enjoyed just like leather
The feel of Ventile Millicloth is light and soft, and the fabric feels lightly brushed.
It is made of 60% nylon and 40% polyester, but it will change over time as it is worn.
Please enjoy it with various styling.

Material: Ultra high-density bentile millicloth, horsebutt leather #1010

Size: W:330mm / H470-560mm / D150mm

Capacity: Approx. 25L

Weight: 1500g