Tommy's Closet - Fine Creek Leathers - 2.2mm Leon Custom

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Size: 42

Say hello to the Leon Custom from Fine Creek Leathers. A hand made Horsehide leather that broke the internet in 2018. Fine Creek Leathers burst into the leather world or at least on to my radar in early 2017 and they haven't stopped pumping out incredible fitting and aging jackets. 

The Leon Custom is Fine Creeks take on a classic double riders style jacket in the classic asymmetrical zip style. Fine Creek uses their own signature 2mm Veg tanned horsehide leather, Created by Yoshikatsu Yamazaki that ages incredibly over time to a deep dark brown the more you wear it.  **Something to note Fine Creek jackets tend to age faster then your traditional black leather jackets due to their unique leather and construction used to produce each one of these jackets. Built by hand in their Tokyo based studio each jacket is built one by one and each have their own characteristic based on the leather hide used. 

The Leon Custom is based off the Leon Style Fine Creek produces but the custom has the belt and shoulder epaulettes cut off by hand to feature a more "DIY" look to the jacket that adds a bit more character. 

Each jacket comes in a smooth pebbled leather and we let you create the creases of your own.

NOTE** PROFILE PHOTO is a Fine Creek Jacket shown with approximately 1 year of wear on it. New, these jacket come smooth and jet black. This photo is to show the incredible aging of both jacket and the signature leather. 

Internal lining is a black quilted poly liner that makes the jacket great for all year wear and glides over your layering pieces. 

Smooth nickel hardware all over that will dull overtime and stitching details alone that are the some of the best in business. The fine details of Fine Creek are what set these leathers apart. 


  • Hand Made at the Fine Creek Studio in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2.2mm Thickness Vegetable Tanned Horse Hide Leather 
  • Custom cut-off belt and epaulettes
  • Cotton Poly black quilted internal lining 
  • Unique leather aging process (fades to brown over time)
  • Smooth nickel plated hardware
  • Sewn by hand 
  • Each Jacket is made one by one and have their own unique production characteristics 


Tommy is 6' / 185lbs and wears a 42.

Tommy's jacket has about 2 weeks of wear on it

Kevin's jacket (bandana face man) has about 9 months of everyday wear on it so you can see how this leather ages. Kevin also wearing a 42

Leon Custom 38 40 42 44 46
Chest 38.5 40 42 44 46
Body Length 24.5 25.3 26 26.8 27.8
Sleeve Length 24.6 25.5 25.8 26.1 26.3
Shoulder 17 17.5 18.4 20 20.5